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Therapeutic Support In A Safe Space Without Judgement.

Work stress, Relationship worries & Loss

Anxious, stressed from working in a demanding profession? Do you want to feel happier in life? Talking to someone about what is happening in your life helps lessen anxiety.  I can help you believe that change is possible and start to make those life choices which will allow change to be felt by you.

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Therapeutic counsellor, skills in working with work and relationship anxiety. Overcoming adversity and building resilience.

A Guide to Your Goals

I specialise in supporting clients who are feeling stressed and anxious with their working lives. This may impact their personal relationships which leads them to feeling anxious about their work/life balance.

My diverse work experiences allow me to see beyond the present issue facing my clients.  I support them to visualise a different life with a different perspective.

I work with overturning automatic negative thoughts.  All of my clients are encouraged to process what they are feeling and why.  This allows them to have the confidence to use their voice in order to make healthy choices in their lives.

Every client is unique and should be given the opportunity to be actively listened to. My approach is always non- judgemental with an unconditional positive regard for all my clients.

Confidentiality and trust are key to helping my clients feel safe and assured that they will be respected.

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Thought-Based Approach

Managing Anxiety

By using a range of therapies such as CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), Gestalt and Person-Centred Therapies, I offer my clients a diverse, bespoke structure to manage their worries. 
Through talking and sharing their thoughts and feelings with me, I can show my clients different skills and tools to use whenever they feel anxious. I enjoy sharing this learning experience with my clients as it helps them to move forward in reaching their own aspirations and no longer feeling stuck within their own thought process.

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"Loving ourselves through the process of owning our story is the bravest thing we will ever do"

Brené Brown

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Working with neuro diversity

Guidance & Inspiration

This is a passion of mine as I love to work with young and adult clients to help them unlock their potential in life. Through judgment and lack of knowledge, people with dyslexia, dyspraxia, autism, ADHD and other diverse conditions have experienced judgement that has left them feeling isolated and not good enough. I like to shake up that ideology and allow my clients to come to appreciate and like how they think and act. Through gentle talking therapy, CBT and Gestalt therapy I help my clients learn more about themselves and how important they are in society with their skills and thought processes. I fully adhere to full inclusion for everyone in society.

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Low Self Esteem

Confidence and self- esteem can really be improved through a gentle therapeutic process.

I have listened to my clients and how they feel unworthy of the good things in life. They apologise for wanting to be or say how they feel. I believe everyone has a voice that should be heard. Through a person- centred approach, I actively listen and work through automatic negative thoughts that my clients have taken on without realising. Overtime we can all listen to judgment and persistent negative talk that may be projected towards us, through CBT and Gestalt Therapy, I help my clients to recognise and overturn the negatives into positives.

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Trauma and Loss Support

Gentle healing

Through a gentle and listening approach, my clients feel safe in our counselling sessions. There is no expectation or leading into previous trauma and loss but rather time and gentleness for what can be very difficult memories. Through my experience and training with Age UK and Cruse Bereavement, I know how past traumas and loss can impact a client at any time in their life.
By having the space to bring whatever you want to our sessions, you can slowly work through how you want to process your bereavement, loss or trauma. You will not be on your own with this healing process but rather gently supported with empathy and understanding.

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Schedule a zoom, telephone or face to face counselling/wellbeing session. Individual and block booking available.

Happy to answer any queries and schedule a free telephone introductory session.

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