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After privately suffering with my mental health for around 3 years, I found my way to Sarah who has completely changed the way I think about things - in the very best way possible.

Sarah has managed to bring a sense of calm to me when everything in my  head didn't feel calm and I was almost at breaking point.

Whether my sessions are with her in person or virtual, I always come away with a clearer perspective on things. Sarah has provided me with a safe space to open up without fear of judgement and provides genuine kindness, passion and professionalism.

She has taught me ways to handle negative worries, as well as new thought processes and actions to tackle my anxieties.  Whilst you aren't going to come away from one session and feel 100% fixed, you can completely trust the process with Sarah and that there will definitely be a positive outcome at the end of it.

There is no doubt Sarah will bring a huge benefit to helping you on your personal journey and I couldn't recommend her enough. 

Kris Michaels

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